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JAN 16TH/9:00PM 


In 2008 an incredible group of about 600 people from 85 different churches came together by signing up online and making a decision to fast and pray 40 days for our city. We were a group of many different churches with many different backgrounds. We connected by the internet. When we started, Pensacola was a small town with a large amount of problems:  there wasn't  a real "full-time" mayor. Downtown was empty, old, and dead on the weekends. Poverty was a continual issue. The graduation rate was at 55%. We decided to tackle a different problem every day for 40 days. We did this again in 2009, 2010 and continued each year till 2015. What we saw each year was that God slowly changed our city. We took off a few years but are jumping back in for 2021. We feel God leading us again.

And YES! We are excited about what the Lord is going to do in our area this year. Because of all the prayers, we recognize God's momentum in Pensacola, Escambia County and Santa Rosa County. We have seen the Pensacola area change DRAMATICALLY since 2008 when we first started to pray and fast for our area. Here are just a few victories...

1. We used to be considered a small, poor city. But now we have companies coming from all over, such as Navy Federal and it's 17,000 jobs (and growing). We have businesses coming and working on planes at the airport, such as VT Mobile Aerospace, which is bringing 400 highly paid jobs. The downtown area has a new YMCA, a new apartment building, and many restaurants. About ten years ago, not many cared about the downtown area. That has all changed.

2. Along with the growing development downtown, we also have events that happen during the weekends that we never had before.  Our Farmer's Market and the many festivals that we celebrate have helped to continue to make Pensacola a family friendly town.

3. God has protected the Pensacola area from hurricanes ever since we started fasting. Fasting against hurricanes is always on our list.  Although Sally came and surprised us all, we continued to fast this past January.  Prayerfully, we declare that we will not see another hurricane for 16 more years and beyond. 

4. We have prayed against abortion in the past.  No one likes abortion, and we pray that no one has to make that choice.  We understand that it can be healthcare. We pray for life and life abundant.  We have also been dedicated to praying for adoption, our foster system, and healing for women who have had abortions. We are not interested in shame.  We pray for healing. 

5. We have seen Christians be elected to very important positions in our city.  Not only have we seen praying Christians be elected, but we have seen them use prayer to change the areas they are concerned with. Mayor Grover Robinson has always been a part of the 40 days.

6. We have seen some new churches start and become influential in our city. We have seen churches be the leaders for food giveaways in our city during this pandemic.  

7.  We have always prayed for our school and our superintendent.  When we started praying in 2008, our graduation rate was at 55%.  It is currently at 86.5%. That is an astronomical increase in a few short years.  

These are just a few items, but more importantly, God is blessing Pensacola and the surrounding area. People are moving to our city because God has great plans for this place. So please join us as we pray and fast for 40 days this coming year. Experience God's momentum as we put our prayers in motion in 2023.

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